Konfontasi Anyone?

Any one remember Konfontasi? A little skirmish between the Commonwealth and Indonesia over some dirt in Malaysia called North Borneo.

OK, now I’m not seriously suggesting that the current diplomatic stuff up with Indonesia over the government’s laughable ‘operationsufferingborders’ policy; that would be mischievous and hyperbole. After all, the relationship survived East Timor. Mind you, the election cycle is ramping up in Indonesia.

But it just illustrates the arrogance of this mob when it comes to international relationships. Think not heading to Warsaw for the climate conference, problems with China over the TPP (mind you, if the TPP falls apart that would be good). And initially they only offered 10c per displaced person after the impact of Typhoon Haiyan. It has now been upped to a total of $10m.

But on the asylum seeker question, Morrison speaks of ‘no rhyme or reason’ in relation to Indonesia’s ‘tactics’ and Abbott lectures them about accepting the very people he is so willing to turn away; whose very existence he seems to deny! Aazing!

I mean, they don’t care who they piss off. The superannuation industry. The motor vehicle industry. At the rate these numpties are going there won’t be a motor vehicle industry in this country in five years. And won’t that be great for the economy.

Economists are a bit miffed too. What happened to that budget emergency? Disappeared like a fat in the wind (a bit like Abbott at a press conference). Hockey says that they’ll do their best to hold on to the AAA rating … well, that just went out the window didn’t it.

Of course if anything goes wrong, whether at a diplomatic level or not, it will be because of the carbon tax. And the ALP.



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