This Fraudulent Government

What a nasty little government we have. It is intent on unravelling as much of the legislative program of the past three years as possible. It would have liked to have gone further, but demanding $900 back from every taxpayer would have been political suicide.

The fraudulence of this current government is built on the notion of legitimacy, something that they refused to acknowledge on the previous governments behalf. But, the refusal to accept the previous government was based on a very flawed view of Australia democracy; that popular vote wins you government.

Two things; one, our electoral system is based on seats won, not first passed the post. Secondly, it is the party or parties that have the confidence of the house (of representatives) that take government. OK, it is a little more complex than that, but it will do for now.

Afflicted by the misconception that they were denied government (their sense of entitlement) the LNP did as much as they could to disrupt proceedings. They failed. Noisily but miserably. But being the miserable lot they are, they now seek revenge.

And little will be safe. Before the election they said that Better Schools reforms, and funding for at least for four years, would be honoured. Reneged, and at first it seemed there were indications of a backflip of the backflip. How wrong. They intend to fund the Better Schools model for one year and then tear it up.

Before the election they introduced an inferior broadband scheme, since stalled pending disassembly. Who knows what else is for the chop. There have been rumblings about the NDIS going over budget; over subscription is a better description. Watch this soon to be created space.

And in the meantime, the continued ‘it was the former government fault’ mantra is chanted at every chance.

This government is ideology run rampant. Their claims that their actions would be governed by values ignores he fact that values are the cornerstones of ideology. Weasel words. Anything that was done under former prime minister Gillard is fair game for this mob. Misogyny on display?

Well now their spitefulness is on display for all to see. It is ugly.

*261113/updated 7.10pm


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