Be Outraged, Be Very Outraged …

Notice how much outrage there is in the world these days? Hardly a day goes by without someone expressing outrage at something that some one, group or organisation has said or done.

Of course it’s nothing new, it’s been bubbling away under the surface for some time now. Talk back radio, letters to the editor; it’s all there. Express an opinion, put forward a theory and someone will respond with outrage. And experts in their field are not immune in fact they are prone.

“How dare they … What right have they got to say …” and on it goes. “How dare this so called expert try and control how I … etc., etc., etc.” The mere fact that you bring to the public sphere some new knowledge on any given topic or express the notion that there may be an alternative point of view is enough to raise the hackles of the perpetually indignant.

Taking offence and being outraged is an industry. There are amateurs and professionals. There are the slightly miffed to the jugular about to burst apoplectic melt down.

And the tabloid media and shock jocks are virtuosos in this field. Not only do they take umbrage in the most profound and calculated fashion, they are past masters at creating an outrage in the first place. Naming names would only give them the publicity that they so ill deserve so I will not slide down that slippery slope.

In this modern day of social media the outraged response has been ramped up. No sooner has someone said/done something than the vitriol starts flowing, though the idea of liking something in order to attack it seems particularly peculiar. As far as expressing outrage in 140 characters or less … only the most eloquent and concise could do so effectively.

Lets face it; most of us love a good outrage every now and then. Take a little bit of offence here, nose out of joint there. Affrontary, vexation and high dudgeon. We all get disgruntled over something. Very few of us ever seem gruntled …


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