Fire Sale

Well, the fire sale has begun. Medibank, QANTAS, who knows what else both federal and state will fall under the auctioneers hammer. The poor governments broke you see.

So, as we plummet headlong to a possible third world economic future, the chance of financial assistance from the institution that is elected to protect us is zilch. Nada. Unless you are a mining company. Or a farmer, and even then it’s often only in exceptional circumstances.

The argument goes that why should someone who works for SPC get special treatment by having their job propped up by a subsidy from government. Someone who works for BHP Billiton doesn’t get assistance. Oh hang on there, that’s a mining company that does get assistance, and will get more assistance when the mining tax is repealed. So if you work in the mining industry your job IS subsidised.

And at Cadbury. When all those tourists flock back to factory tours it would look odd if there was no one working there after all.

But all is not lost as our work experience treasurer believes that super funds should invest in Australian companies. Mums and dads, stick your hands in your pockets and hand your cash over. Just hope it doesn’t go up in smoke.


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