Why Do They Hate Us?

This post is in response to remarks on Melbourne radio and nothing more.

How often recently have you heard commentators say of Islamic extremists that it is modernism and our democracy and freedoms that they despise. Wrong.

Sure, there has been a reaction to some aspects of modernity. Think the Taliban and television. But not computers. Television brings a message; computers can be used to send a message.

The reaction is not to modernity. It is a reaction to continuous and continued western influence and interference in the Middle East and Africa. And to a lesser extent Asia, but Asian Islam may have been tempered by Hindu and Buddhist influences.

Jerusalem was once a multifaith city where Jews, Christians and Moslems got on well. And then a bunch of French and English Catholics screwed things up. The crusades, where atrocities equal to or even worse than being committed (in the name of Christendom) by the so-called ‘Islamic State’. And they aren’t a state. A confederation at best. And not altruistic.

Centuries of interference in the Middle East, exploitation (spices, oil, more oil) and carving up the spoils in the 18th and 19th centuries and after WW1 have come back to bite the West on the bum.

Same for Africa. Slave trade. Gold. Diamonds. The Western powers interfering in other nations development and governance for profit but claiming they were bringing democracy and civilisation just brewed resentment. And Islam requires devotion, but not to the West.

And the young foreign men going to fight for ISIL are not as disaffected as is claimed. They are young men, looking for a cause; the grand adventure, wanting to right wrongs even if they don’t understand what it’s all about. Many don’t even understand the religion they are supposedly fighting to defend. Some are there because they enjoy violence. Should the West try and stop them going? Probably. But remember how many young men went to fight against Franco in 1936. That is not to equate the two.

There is a civil war in the Middle East. And a war against the West. We should walk away. Offer humanitarian aid, yes (bombs aren’t humanitarian) If the countries of the region ask for help (not us demand they help us) then maybe more. But militarily, walk away. It is time our interference stopped.


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