The confected outrage of our supposed prime minister over the Mallah/QandA affair once again demonstrates his complete inability to differentiate between reality and self serving political spin. While continuing to parade up and down with his minions in front of an increasing number of Australian flags (probably made in China) to demonstrate his commitment to national security, the polls show how distrusted he is by the Australian public. Despite all his chest thumping and national security rhetoric the polls have not improved. And despite the efforts of newscorpse.

The governments propaganda program stays the course, whether on economy, health, education or national security but it has not resonated with the electorate. And so one hopes that it continues on it’s self destructive path. One area that it has had success is, sadly, on asylum seekers, with the help of a compliant,weak and gutless opposition. Racism rules in Australia.

It is a pity that the Labor Party hasn’t got the balls to stand up for human rights. It is a pity that they are relying on the incompetence of this pathetic lowlife government and not coming out with policies that distinguish them from the grovelling swill that proclaims to represent us now (and they certianly do not represent me).

And as the preppy PM rants on and on about his Team Australia and all other related dog shit, we can only hope that journalists (who only report media releases) develop the intestinal fortitude to expose this lousy mob of interlopers for what they are. The worst threat to the safety and prosperity of this country we have ever faced. ISIS be damned, it is the right wing of Australian politics that want to destroy our beloved freedoms and cherished way of life.

It is time this unrepresentative swill (to channel PJK) died of shame and resigned en block. We have had enough.


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