Seeking To Rebuild Shattered Lives

When asylum seekers left their homeland, it was not just conflict or persecution they left behind. It was their past, their cultural identity. Friends and family. A way of life familiar to them, prior to any conflict, a life that gave reasurance and comfort. A daily existance that had meaning. Gone. 
And as they made their way here, at great risk and uncertainty, they were only intent on reaching safety and restarting their fractured lives. They did not set out to threaten our borders or security nor jeopardise our sovereignty. And none did. 
Treating asylum seekers as pariahs says more about the character of the accuser than of the accused. The crocodile tears over deaths at sea only makes it worse.
There are other solutions. Internment and demonisation are unconscionable. We need to find a better way. Our politicians are very well paid. It is about time they earnt their keep.


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