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Well Tonez, you say you wish you could have had more women in cabinet.

Correct. Absolutely right.

So you are saying that there weren’t any women who merited inclusion other than Julie Bish.

Well, no, not really.  And with Sophie out of the picture, well … and don’t forget Bronnie

<how could we>

So there are women who merit inclusion but you chose to overlook them?

Now, be nice. No, that is not the case at all. Look, there are only so many ministries …

No Science, no Aged Care, the list goes on.

Be fair, be fair. Umm, look, we wanted to trim the number of ministries down to save the taxpayer … ahh, look these things cost money to run and if we are going to sac.. ahh, relocate public servants, trim the public service if you will,  then we have to cut back on the number of public service departments.

OK, but still unable to find enough women to head some of those departments? What about women of calibre?

They’re off getting pregnant.

But the PPL legislation hasn’t even been before parliament yet.

Off practicing getting pregnant …

Practicing getting pregnant?

Look, this interview is finished. I’ve answered all your questions.

*sound of shuffling paper, rapid footsteps*

I’ve got to go stop the boats, there’s a budget emergency, Barnaby’s on the loose …

*sound of doors slamming*


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